Dante Santiago was a member of Atban Klann.

In 1992, he and friends William James Adams Junior ( and Allen Pineda Lindo ( teamed up and formed the group Atban Klann, under the label Ruthless Records. Their debut album, Grass Roots, was never released because the label did not consider the positive themes reflected in the group's music to be marketable to their audience.

Santiago left Atban Klann in 1995 after Ruthless Records manager Eazy-E died of Aids. He was replaced with Jaime Louis Gomez (Taboo), and the band became Black Eyed Peas. Dante still had a lot of input and joined the Peas again, he is still considered as the fifth member of B.E.P..

Despite not being a part of the band, he's still close with them, and was featured in their song "Dum Diddly".


  • It was he who suggested that Justin Timberlake be featured the the Peas' song "Where Is the Love?".[1]
  • He also introduced to Fergie for the recording of "Shut Up", which lead to her becoming a full member


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