Fergalicious is Fergie's second single from her 2006 album The Dutchess. Fergalicious topped many charts. The song was certified gold in Australia and New Zealand and ranked triple platinum in the U S A RIAA. The song recieved mixed reviews from critics, some really liking the song while the lyrics annoyed many others. Fergie both raps and sings during the song sometimes doing hard, cold rapping while other times singing in a sweet, sexy, breathy voice. The song talks about how all the boys are attracted to Fergie and they all pretend to know her and try to court her. Fergie talks about how she's sexy and often flirts with the boys but she only does it because they come and go not because she is sleazy or promiscuous.



So Delicious

But I ain't Promiscuous

And if u was suspicious

All that sh*t is fictcious

I blow kisses

I put them boys on rock rock

and they be lining down the block to watch what i got.

Song Inspiration and Music Video Edit

Fergie stated on the Tyra Banks show that she and Will i am got the idea for Fergalicious when visiting a club. Fergie, Will i am and several other writers wrote Fergalicious. In the video Fergie and Will i am are in the middle of a giant candy land wearing candy colored clothes

Chart Performance Edit

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