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I subtracted "Fergie" where it said "Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas". Although Fergie is excellant, I don't think she needs too much emphasis. She's already on the logo. Kip the Dip 00:59, 19 March 2007 (UTC)

I agree. Will2006 00:50, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

News Edit

Since we are growing, we should update our news every other day. Will2006 00:48, 27 March 2007 (UTC)

yet Edit

yet yeah


cute i love you borther

i love you as just sister

-- 18:26, June 24, 2012 (UTC)]]hi i love you you good71.197.78.10 18:26, June 24, 2012 (UTC)====

i love you Edit

i love the black eye peas ilove your song so bad thank  you  so told me you  wow   brother will iam  uk voice  coach  uk voice  sing   firend  jeramns   ok   like you  now  school  now  that  you me  and  too me you  wow  i love you  me  you  me  too me you  wow  love  know that  you me ok  know that  rose flower  i love you  xo xo xo  xo xo  xo  can i  love you     home  later  sister  later home i am  summer school  now  that  you me ok   love 

grannara  will iam   watched  uk voice   the black eyed peas   song   today   i

love  you  14:34, July 9, 2014 (UTC)   love 

family  make  to  my mom  mama  sis p  daugher  shantell lynn  der byshire   grannara will iam

hi what up Edit

thank  you  listen  black eyed peas uk voice  today   brother will iam  coach  pund of you  tonight i love you  sleep  bed  time group  home  see you  home  afternoon   borther wi ll iam

hi good luck and to the fun black eyed peas Edit

thank you  me you  too me you  sister  talk  her  firend  today  tell name micheal  larry dove   kevin  josh  ramel  and   cassy   mirdella  and  to   best firend geradline orange   ashley  cohln   be nice of you me  thank  you  i love  you  xo xo    love grannara  wi ll i am  ho ho ho   firend  best firend  new firend  miguel   colroa i l  love you  brother wi ll iam   see  you home  later  back  to  group home

love as just brother Edit

brother wi ll iam for me you back together with me spent time me you get home today ride the bus 1335 nice of you tyquan and elouse friendship forever now heart forever . I love you and for me you dance for me you happy for me you spent time together for me you okay because for me you okay for me you why to me for me you wow text message for you on the I[phone for birthday take picture with friendship elouse tyquan and Patrick jacquet / take the music black eyed peas Rihanna work song ft. drake fifth harmony work from home Meghan trainor no song Arianna Grande dangerous women favorite song pump it song favorite song phone computer big girl don.t cry song favorite computer song phone fergie and because for you me rose flower good luck black eyed peas concert tonight see you home today . okay hi brother wi ll iam good I went to art grande to helping little kids different school . and talk ben jacquet elouse tyquan today talk Kenny and talk Patrick jacquet because for me you talk elouse about Billy mean to me my number you will be mad at Billy told Billy him leave please alone me okay talk Larry dove old friendship see today him artgrade today okay love sister shantell lynn Derbyshire grannara wi ll iam

love you as just brother Edit

brother wi ll iam sister grannara wi ll iam hi I love you

true love somelse yourself girlfirend Edit

brother William what up to you much to you okay for you me you love true someelse

somebody . yourself girlfriend

or boyfriend . nice  respect       to you  like you  much  text  you  message of you  brother  William  for sister shantell lynn  Derbyshire  grannara William,   high  school  Lehigh   senior high school.  and    drama high  school

love Edit

brother will iam I am go to camp trip for because I love you miss you much too you do I love you as just brother and because sister part family take care Karen bookie and Sabina and terry Britney okay I love you much to fan your and hi and hello goodbye to you hung up with my friend

 mine  forever  .  okay   I love you  be  nice of  you me  text message of you me  . nice  of  you me   .  just  friend forever room  .  because  of you me  Kelly  Clarkson  concert  .  and  because  of you  sometime of  you me   love xo xo   cute  super  lovelry
 can  I do  not  do  watch movie  with  boy trust me    girl  way  only  me  geradlne  plan  our   differnet camp  trip
 person  cool nice  of you  me  do I love to  you me
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