happy for you me hi Edit

hey   borther  wi ll iam  djj  my mom  sis  p  call  her   told her  pick up  with  me     you   see   come home  slepping  nap   and  ha ha ha  hugggining  out  with my firend  chirsty    and    geradline     micheal  and b   and   jealsure   keshia   and  jasmine and  jennifer lopsez     maya   and   sister  dercker  talk  her see me  t   off  work e  grannara

wi lliam   hey  what  up    at  home now   her own  house   happy for p  for sister 

mmmm.  lehigh senior   high  school  happy  t firday   saturday  morring  car wash  family  car sign  a b today 

i am  go  told my mom   i love you 

thank you

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