Why I like the peas

I think that Black Eyed Peas have a great taste of music. They're always different with other musicians, even sometimes it makes them look bad on another person's eye, I think they're unique. Their music is very comfortable to hear and sometimes based on the reality (Where is The Love?, Don't Phunk With My Heart, My Humps, etc.) and it does make sense. I would be really grateful if I could do something to the Peas and the fan. So, I guess this wiki is my stone...

My Favorite Black Eyed Peas Song (Not in Order)

Where's The Love?
Let's Get It Started
Don't Phunk with My Heart
My Humps
Pump It
Boom Boom Pow
I Gotta Feeling
Meet Me Halfway
Imma Be
Rock That Body
The Time (Dirty Bit)

My Favorite Black Eyed Peas Album

Monkey Business
The E.N.D.
The Beginning
Bridging The Gap
Behind The Front

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